Make the convenient choice a healthy one.

Ready to eat meals, Crafted by independent, local chefs.

How it works

Swipe. Grab. Go.

With the swipe or tap of a card, the kiosk unlocks – and the customer is able to touch a product before buying. Once the door is closed, the kiosk automatically knows what was taken. Customers enter their email to receive a receipt, where they are able to provide feedback and rate their purchase.

Filter by meal type or nutritional needs.

The tablet menu automatically displays products that are currently in inventory, and allows customers to filter by meal type or a full range of allergens. Customers can also view real time inventories from their phone or computer.

Auto Feedback

When a customer enters their email to receive a receipt, they are also prompted to rate our products and provide feedback. We use this data to improve our offerings and engagement with our customers.

About us

Grab N Go Express was born from the idea of providing authentic, fresh healthy foods. We are committed to using the freshest ingredients in our products. We believe in supporting local business by sourcing as much as possible from within. Our products are available at one of our Kiosks.

Who we are

We believe that eating healthy does not have to be bland, boring or restrictive. Nor does it have to cost a fortune. Our meals have been created from years of experience, a wide variety of backgrounds, and extraordinary taste buds. We pride ourselves on using the freshest ingredients to create mouth-watering, satisfying dishes.

Get breakfast, lunch or dinner on the table in minutes.

No chopping
No cooking
No cleaning


How do the kiosks work?
Grab N Go Express kiosks use RFID technology to identify and track inventory. These sensors track what is on the shelves, what is purchased and when, which items are added or removed during a restock, and even how long an item has been sitting on the shelf.

How long will my item stay fresh?
Shelf life varies by product, on average, items last 3-6 days in the fridge. Keep in mind that we don’t use preservatives on our items, so you can expect them to last about as long as regular produce does. Items with cooked veggies (like many of our bowls) can stay fresh for 5 days or more.

How do I know your food is safe?
Food safety is a critical piece of our business and we pride ourselves on the daily precautions taken to deliver the highest-quality products.  To ensure you can have complete confidence in the safety of your food, our individually-packaged items are always made to Food and Drug Administration manufacturing standards which includes strict sanitation practices. This week and always, we have a full-time team dedicated to meeting these standards.  To learn more, check out

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